Samsung Galaxy A21s Charging Paused Problem

Samsung Galaxy A21s Charging Paused Problem
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Samsung Galaxy A21s charging pause issue is known to be the most common one and this is mostly due to physical damage or water damaging the charging connector. However, there can also be other reasons for this problem like a faulty charger or phone battery.

Also, try to see if there is any dirt, lint, debris, or foreign objects in the charging port that could be clogging the charging cable. Dirt or debris in the port is a common reason why charging fails. If you think the port is dirty and it's causing the charging pause problem, clean the port with a can of compressed air.

Samsung Galaxy A21s charging pause problem

Notice to pause charging.
Battery temperature too low.
Samsung Galaxy A21s heats up during charging.
No response when charger is connected.

Solution to troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy A21s that stops charging

Samsung Galaxy A21s Charging Paused Problem

The problem is that the charging is paused and we call it thermistor, you need to remove the thermistor or replace it from another main.

To troubleshoot water damage, all you have to do is:

Clean the charging dock strip and check.
If the problem persists or if the pins are damaged then you need to replace the entire charging base strip.
Now check the voltage of the 1st pin (from the right) of the charging connector with the help of a multimeter, if there is a problem then solder the charging pin again.
Now check the voltage at the capacitor, if it is 0, check if there is a short or not, if so, replace the capacitor.
Otherwise: Check the connection between the charging pin and the capacitor, if the connection is broken solder or put a jumper.
Charge is supplied to the Samsung Galaxy A12 board through a capacitor.

More information on this issue and solutions for new tips and tricks will come to this page, if there is a new update there will be an update. Here are some related articles you can read more about mobile phones.
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