Samsung Galaxy A03s Backlight Problem

Samsung Galaxy A03s Backlight Problem
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Backlight issue is a common problem in smartphones, mainly this problem occurs when the phone is dropped in water or any kind of liquid damage. When your smartphone has screen light problem, you need to check all the display or motherboard connections first for short or broken circuit.

Some possible causes for Samsung Galaxy A03s backlight not working

  • Dropped phone, broken screen.
  • Samsung phone exposed to liquid or water.
  • Damaged components inside Samsung Galaxy A03s.

Step 1: Replace screen Samsung Galaxy A03s

Carry out a screen replacement, if there is any breakage or cracking on the screen of your Samsung phone. The majority of this problem occurs when the phone was dropped in water or any kind of liquid was damaged.

Step 2: Reinstall the software on your Samsung phone

No backlight on Android phone could be caused by a bug in the phone's operating system, you can reinstall it to solve the problem.

Step 3: Check LCD monitor connection

Try to test the whole connection on the PCB board, especially on the LCD Samsung Galaxy A03s. There may be corrosion or rust in the connection, please clean immediately with liquid alcohol and brush to clean the connection again and take action when the connection is separated.

Step 4: Check circuit and voltage

Samsung Galaxy A03s Backlight Problem

You can try to check if the line on the Samsung Galaxy A03s SM-A037F Android phone board is damaged.

In the schematic image of the path connected to each component, you can check using a multimeter. When a failure to the path is encountered, the jumper is performed to return the condition to normal.

Step 5: Replace components

With the schematic drawing guide, you can perform a test of connected components. If there are defective components after checking and measuring with a multimeter. You can make changes to the new component with the same value.
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