Xiaomi Poco X2 Charging Problem

Xiaomi Poco X2 Charging Problem
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Xiaomi Poco X2 Charging Problem are often complicated because it could be caused by a hardware problem or maybe the software is also having some problems. The most important part is determining which components are damaged and that is the content of this post. Before we proceed with the steps, try to read one of the issues that best describes this problem.

How to fix Xiaomi Poco X2 Not charging error

After the mobile phone disassembles, you will need to perform some steps shown in the diagram above.

Check the charging jack and its contacts if they are good value then change the charger and test it and if the motherboard doesn't see the correct value with the charging points.

Below are the most common causes of your flex charging Xiaomi Poco X2 having trouble charging and other battery related problems like bottle battery problem.

  • Defective Diode
  • Defective capacitor
  • Faulty resistor
  • Damaged charging coil
  • Faulty IC
  • Poor USB port

If there is any corrosion or damage due to water entry or any component is damaged, the motherboard should be carefully replaced. If the charging circuit is lost then you need to re-fish according to the diagram and if any part is damaged or damaged, replace it with a new one.

More information about this problem and solutions for new tips and tricks will be found on this page, we will update the latest solutions here. Below are some related articles, you can refer to more about mobile phones.

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