Samsung Galaxy A01 Charging Problem

Samsung Galaxy A01 Charging Problem
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When a high-end device like Samsung Galaxy A01 not charging then the solution to the problem could be with its hardware and accessories. As a mobile technician, you should do some troubleshooting procedures to determine what the problem is and hopefully fix it.

You probably know that Samsung Galaxy A01 owns a battery with a capacity of up to 4000mAh, this helps you comfortably talk for about 27-31 hours or leave the phone in standby for 3-4 days. However, some users have reflected that their Samsung Galaxy A01 phone is not charging fast enough.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy A01 that won't charge

Samsung Galaxy A01 charging without warning, not charging to battery, charging intermittently from time to time... After disassembling the phone, you need to take a few steps as shown in the diagram above.

Check the charging cable to see if they are still working properly, then replace the charging pin on the mainbroad and check. If the motherboard does not have the correct value, check the components and circuitry on the schematic diagram Samsung Galaxy A01.

Common causes of Samsung Galaxy A01 charging problems

  • Defective Diode
  • Defective capacitor
  • Faulty resistor
  • Damaged charger or charging cord
  • Defective coil
  • Damaged charging IC

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