Paid Mod Recruitment VietNamGSM Forum

Paid Mod Recruitment VietNamGSM Forum
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For the purpose of maintaining and developing the forum, the Board of Directors created this topic to recruit more Mods to manage the boxes on the forum. Members can nominate themselves or nominate the appropriate person, the Board of Directors will consider and decide.

I. Mission

1. Easiest way for members to access and exchange information.
2. Develop members in your area.
3. Participate in the organization of the Forum's events.
4. Create exciting topics, suitable for the box you manage, arrange the topics reasonably.
5. Update the latest information related to the box you manage.
6. Make sure the posts in your box follow the forum rules.
7. Handle the posts and members violating the instructions.
8. Manage the sticky theme in its area.
9. Inform the Board of Management about incidents, or difficult cases.
10. Share handling experience with BQT.

II. Right

1. Mod's Nick is set its own color.
2. Have the right to delete posts, edit posts in the box they manage.
3. To represent the Forum in relationships with relevant organizations and agencies.
4. Receive remuneration when the Forum has income (currently not available).

III. Conditions and requirements

1. Love and passion for community activities.
2. Have time for work and enthusiasm for the forum.
3. Sociable and cheerful, always keep a good relationship with members, have the ability to handle situations well.
4. Fluently use Vietnamese words, know how to use basic programs such as Word, Excel, forum functions.
5. Ability to collect information from different sources to update the forum.

IV. Term

1. Mod will have a term of 1 year from the date of taking responsibility.
2. The term of the Mod may end early if it violates the forum rules or by the decision of the Admin.
3. If the Mod wants to end the task before the deadline, it should notify the Admin to recruit another person to replace it.

V. Contents

1. Area you want to make Mod:
2. Full name:
3. Date of birth:
4. Address:
5. Nick:
6. Phone number:
7. Email:
8. Other contact methods if any (YIM, Skype, FB, Flickr, Twitter...)
9. Other information: self-introduction, forum management experience, ideas that will contribute to the development of the Forum, especially in the area they manage.

Registration link: here
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