Vivo Y20 Backlight Ways

Vivo Y20 Backlight Ways
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In this post, we will share with you solutions to troubleshoot Vivo Y20 Backlight Ways caused by drops or water. The problem often appears with some signs such as: the screen is not displayed, the screen is white, the screen light is not bright ... but still hear the notification sound or the phone ring.

What is LCD screen?

The LCD screen is the digital display interface of the phone, it is the interaction that takes place when you manipulate or touch the icon. When the LCD screen is defective or damaged, you will not be able to perform the same operation as before. This is where LCD backlighting comes in, the backlight is a series of LEDs (light emitting diodes) arranged in the display layers to provide light for the LCD display.

Instructions to fix Vivo Y20 without screen light

To fix the screen light loss issue, you need to have the LCD Vivo Y20 replaced first to easily confirm if the LCD screen's LED is still working or not. You can use a multimeter to test the LEDs if you make sure the display is not damaged by the operation.

If the newly replaced Vivo Y20 screen is still showing the same problem and the screen light is not on, refer to the solution below and locate the damage on the motherboard.

Signs to identify Vivo Y20 lost screen light

If your Vivo Y20 phone is experiencing one of the issues below, there are several steps you can take to proceed with the troubleshooting.

White screen.
Not displayed.
The screen light is weak.
There is no screen light.

1. Vivo Y20 screen replacement

If you encounter the above damage, you need to replace the screen with a new Vivo Y20. This can be applied if your phone has broken or cracked screen due to falling to the ground. By replacing the screen with a new one, hopefully this broken issue can be resolved.

2. Check the monitor connection

The phone may lose the screen light due to water and affect the display connection on the motherboard. Normally, water will corrode and rust on the cable and connect the display, causing a short circuit. So, for this repair step, you need to clean the set rust, if any circuit is broken, you proceed to fishing again.

3. Check and replace components

If the condition of the screen and connection is good but suddenly there is a screen light problem on the phone. Surely the device has encountered damage with internal components, Fix Phone will provide you with an image to guide you to troubleshoot the broken backlight.

Measure each component, if the component is faulty, replace it with the same type and value. Check the diode and coil on the picture, this is a component that is often damaged and causes screen light loss.
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