Unlock iCloud iPad Mini 2

Unlock iCloud iPad Mini 2
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It is recommended to Open iCloud iPad Mini 2 with hardware only. Software to buy server code is only available on high-end iPhones because the price of opening the software will be the same as buying a used iPad at the same time.

iPad Mini 2 has 2 Versions :

  • Wifi version.
  • 3g + Wifi version.

To open iCloud iPad Mini 2 wifi version, you need to buy Serials + Wifi + Bluetooth information of a device without an icloud account and load it in to Active. This information is in the hard drive, so you have to punch the hard drive to load it. If you change it around, you won't be able to activate it

Open iCloud iPad mini 2 3G version, you have to switch the device to wifi version and do the same as above.

After opening iCloud, all will return to the wifi version. If the device has 3G, it will lose that feature and become the Wifi version.


Bypass iCloud iPad mini 2 3G to Wifi

Step1: Shorten the blue box R1205 and remove the purple box R1204. the device will go to DFU and recognize the wifi version ipad mini. Restore is to power up but not active yet.

Bypass iCloud iPad mini 2 Wifi

Step2: Punch the hard drive out. Load serials + wifi + bluetooth address newly purchased. Restore and Active is done.

Bypass iCloud iPad mini 2 Wifi only

Wifi only version just need to punch out the hard drive and load the serials + wifi + bluetooth address to buy. Restore and active is done without replacing the Wifi IC like the high-end versions of the PCIE hard drive
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