Unlock iCloud iPad Air 2

Unlock iCloud iPad Air 2
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This is the solution to open iCloud iPad Air 2 with hardware. Software to buy server code is only available on high-end iPhones because the price of opening the software will be the same as buying a used iPad at the same time.

iPad Air 2 has 2 versions :

  • Wifi version.
  • 3g + Wifi version.

For the Wifi version, just buy the Serial number + Wifi + Bluetooth, then load it on the hard drive and Restore it to be Active. Note that changing numbers will not be active.

For 3G version, you must switch to Wifi version. Then buy the information and exchange it like the Wifi version. Note that you must replace the wifi IC with the correct code to have Wifi.

After opening iCloud, all will return to the wifi version. If the device has 3G, it will lose that feature and the price to open the 3G version will be higher because it has to replace the Wifi IC.

Currently, there are devices that change hard drive information through the lightning port without having to punch the hard drive out such as:

iRepair P10
JC's Bbox
Magico diag tools

You search for devices with the above keywords to know more information that the device supports. Chip A11 and below almost all support.
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