Samsung Galaxy A11 A115F Backlight Ways

Samsung Galaxy A11 A115F Backlight Ways
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Samsung Galaxy A11 lost light due to water can be recognized through a number of signs such as the screen is not displayed, there is no light produced by the screen but still hear the bell and notification sound.


  1. Check the screen and connect the screen
  2. Check the display light circuit
  3. 20V . LED output voltage test
  4. Replace IC lamp with another
  5. If there is still 20V, please check the screen or connect the monitor
  6. Clean the screen connection with butin then check again
  7. Replace the screen if all the above steps have been checked


To fix the problem of losing light on Samsung Galaxy A11, you first need to try another screen to easily determine whether the error is caused by the screen or mainbroad. If the problem is not with the curtain, check according to the diagram below.

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